FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH (FHJ)

Elizabeta Valentic

FH JOANNEUM is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Austria. 

FH JOANNEUM has further already participated in a high number of EU projects in which it acted as coordinator and as partner. Therefore, the organization can rely on many years of experience and highly qualified staff when it comes to EU and company projects.
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Verein KADA

Wolfgang Stockinger

KADA is one of the leading dual career organisations in Europe.

The Austrian dual career institution KADA ensures that elite athletes have secure and fulfilling prospects for the future. By opening up individual ways and opportunities, KADA demonstrates that sport and education can form a unit – after all, personal development constitutes a perfect prerequisite for success in elite sport.

The programme of KADA consists of two main pillars of service: career development and vocational integration. Funded by the Austrian Ministeries of Sport and Labour KADA assists elite athletes before, during, and after their sports career by providing professional consulting. KADA delivers its services to all the 61 recognized sports federations in Austria. 

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WUS Austria (WUS AT)

Marc Schwärzli

World University Service (WUS) Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organization. 

WUS is committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. During more than 30 years of existence WUS Austria has positioned itself important operative partners for enhancing knowledge transfer and comparability in (Higher) Education between EU and non EU countries.
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University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (FASTO)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dino Mujkić

The University of Sarajevo is the leading university in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the leading universities in the region. 

Until 1975 the University of Sarajevo was the only university in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the beacon of development of higher education and science in the country. As one of its organisational units, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Sarajevo is one of the oldest institutions of the kind in the region. A genuine commitment of the teaching staff and a clear vision of the management has made it possible for the Faculty to carry the title of a leader in the field of sport education, scientific and research activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Faculty of Sport and Physical Education is an academic body established in accordance with the required quality standards, available staff and programme resources.
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National Olympic Committee Bosnia & Herzegovina (OKBIH)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jasmin Hodzic

The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OC BiH) was founded on June 4th 1992. 

After the founding and the appearance of sportsmen and sportswomen of our country in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, we received an official recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which made its decision at the session of the Executive Committee in Monaco, on September 24th 1993.

After the establishment and after the international recognition, OC BiH was registered December 8th 2002 into the Ministry of Justice’s registry as the primary sports organization, in which National sports federations are joined. With the registration, as well as with the signing of the Lausanne Declaration on Doping in Sport on June 28th 1999, OC BiH was constituted as a Paramount sports body in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

OC BiH, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, is required to respect the rules of the Olympic Charter, IOC Statues, IOC Code of Ethics, World Anti-Doping Code, Law on Associations and Foundations of BiH and Law on sport of BiH.

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University of Physical Education (HUPE)

Judit Farkas

University of Physical Education is the largest, most comprehensive & oldest centre for education and training is sport in Hungary with 91 years of history.

The University has 2.500+ students, offers six levels of sport education (certificate-PhD, EQF 3-8) in majors, like PE, APE, health teacher, coaching, sport management, recreation, kinesiology.

Fully enclosed, self-sufficient campus with 16 sports facilities & 8 research laboratories. Research activities cover the entire human life-span and most aspects/domains of sport. Strong university-business relations, serving the socially needed as well.

International activities since 1925: sending/receiving students/faculty to gain experience and participate in international projects. Institutional/individual memberships in major European and intl sport/sport science organizations. Intl cooperation w/39 institutions, incl. Erasmus mobility. Coaching programmes since 1973 (IOC OS scholarships for Intl Coaching Course students since 1994).

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University of Turin (UNITO)

Corrado Lupo

UNITO is today one of the most ancient and largest Italian Universities, with over 67.000 students (3.700 come from EU and extra EU countries). 

It is organized in 27 Departments where research is carried out, appoints 1071 Professors, 958 Researchers and 1.275 PhD students, and located in 120 buildings in Torino and in the Piemonte Region. According to ARWU Shangai UNITO is ranked first in Italy and, at international level, UNITO established around 450 formal cooperation agreements with European and world institutions focused international projects, also devoted to educational courses.
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Italian Culture and Sport Association (AICS)

Valeria Gherardini

AICS was established in 1962 as a National Organization of sport promotion. 

During 50 years AICS has been enlarging its action to different fields: culture, social policies, social tourism, international cooperation and environment, according to a vision for which sport, culture and tourism are key-drivers to develop active citizenship, integration and equal opportunities.
AICS is institutionally recognised as National Provider of sport practices of CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee, and takes part to International networks: CSIT, ISTO.

Numbers of AICS: 8.600 clubs, 900.000 members, 20 Regional Commettees, 100 Province Administrations Committees, 136 Disciplines, 1.250 Managers, 12.563 Technicians, 42.500 Volounteers, 7.200 Sport Events, 3.800 Other Initiatives, 34.149 Officers.

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Lithuanian Sports University (LSU)

Irena Valantine

Founded in 1934, is a public higher education institution with a unique profile in sport, leisure and health sciences.

LSU is a leading academic and research centre in sports science in the Baltic Sea region committed to its mission to contribute to the sustainable development of society through outstanding international-level research and academic excellence.

The vision of the University is to become one of the leading universities in sports, physical education, rehabilitation and health sciences in Europe, and to reach the position of a top university in these areas in the Baltic Sea Region.

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Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations (LUSF)

Tomas Petronis

Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations (LUSF) was founded in 1996 and it’s the biggest non-governmental sport organization in Lithuania.

LUSF unite 71 different sport federations and represent them on regional and national level. LUSF is a member of European Non-governmental sports organizations association (ENGSO). One of the main tasks of LUSF is to organize complex events in Lithuania, such as Lithuanian youth and juniors games, World Lithuanian Games, Baltic Sea Youth Games and etc.

LUSF is also actively participating in different kind of projects funded by EU for eight years. Main topics of the EU projects and different kind of national seminars are organized prescribing on federations and their sport clubs staff, coaches and athletes, focusing on their qualification improvement.

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sports (FSP)

Mojca-Doupona Topic

Graduates from the University of Ljubljana carry out professional sport programmes in Slovenia for all types and forms of sport.

Many graduates have become prominent experts in Slovenia and abroad. The objective is to prepare professionals, who will be involved in the achievement of best conditions of psycho-physical well-being in society, schools, communities, sport clubs, work environments and sport activities.
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Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA)

Zvijezdan Mikić

The Slovenian university sports association (SUSA) is a non-profit NGO that operates at high education level in Slovenia. 

SUSA in organized as an association of university sports organizations that operate on university level in Slovenia. SUSA key activities are organizing extracurricular sport activities for students at university level in Slovenia (recreational, competitive), organization of participation of Slovene students and international student sport competitions, coordination of university sport organizations at universities in Slovenia, concern for students athletes (help in ensuring conditions for harmonizing sport and educational need), lobbing the policy makers in Slovenia to ensure double carrier friendly legislation for athletes in Slovenia… SUSA has app. 12.000 members.
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